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British surfing has grown in popularity over the last 20 years and here at we are looking to deliver the latest news, reviews and tips from the world of surfing as well as the latest must visit places for the best surfing waves.

Check out the latest surf boards, read about the new and the old stars of the surf boarding world, the likes of Kelly Slater, More Slater, Tom Curren and the new up and coming crop of surfers hitting the rips across the world. We will also bring the latest surfing safety tips to you, the latest surfing championship videos and a number of online tutorials for those looking to surf like the superstars.

Surfing venues are materialising in the UK from Scotland right down to Cornwall and many coastal regions in between. Check out all of the clubs and venues which might only be a short journey from where you live. However, if you are looking for adventure overseas, check out the latest news on surfing holidays and surfing breaks abroad, where the weather may be a little more hospitable all of the year round!

We want to build a British based surfing community at, a place where you can log on and chat with fellow surfers, where the growing band of UK male and female surfers can catch up, and a place where you can swap news, stories and tips. We will also be bringing the latest surf board technology and surfing equipment direct to you at unbeatable prices.

As the site grows and develops we aim to bring a number of guest writers on board to give different angles and views on the UK and worldwide surfing market, what is happening and what surfers want to see.