Surfing beaches in Devon

a list of the best surf beaches in Devon.

Challaborough, Devon

Moving over to the county of Devon there are still a great number of surfing areas which are proving very popular with UK surfers. One such area is Challaborough which seems to attract surfers from nearby Plymouth and other areas of the UK. It offers a number of challenging waves to those looking to test their strength and skills with a famous left hand pointbreak which has been known to carry for hundreds of yards.

Lynmouth, Devon

Situated on the northern edge of Exmoor, Lynmouth has a very chequered and sad history having been host to a number of storm and sea tragedies. Susceptible to substantially more than average rainfall at times of the year, the area offers a challenge for surfers throughout the UK and one which many seem keen to take up.

Westward Ho!, Devon

Situated at the northern end of Devon, Westward Ho! has excellent facilities for an array of water sports, including surfing. The area is situated towards the upper end of a large cove and offers a mixture of surfing waves which can extend for up to three miles. Westward Ho! is also home to the oldest golf club in the UK, the Royal North Devon Golf Club which offers excellent sea views for those playing the game.

Saunton, Devon

Situated at the North pinnacle of Devon, Saunton is on the Taw-Torridge Estuary and offers excellent surfing conditions. It is also home to the famous Saunton Surf Life Saving Club, a club which has a history going back many years. Due to the openness of the seas around Saunton, the villages are very exposed to the elements and the crashing waves these can produce.

Croyde, Devon

Surfing in Croyde has gained in popularity over the last 30 years and is now one of the village's main sources of income, along with the other tourists who visit the region. Croyde offers surfers a very useful and challenging array of waves, including some which break very quickly and others which can sweep a surfer along the crest for sometime. The distinct shape of the bay funnels the waves as they approach the shore offering, something a little different to coastal villages in the region.

Putsborough, Devon

Located on the North Devon coastline, Putsborough is proving very attractive to both surfing beginners and those with a little more experience. Unlike many of the surfing hot spots in the region, Putsborough is protected from the Southern winds by Baggy Point and this, together with the long stretches of beach has created fairly slow waves which are suitable for beginners.

Woolacombe, Devon

Woolacombe has made a name for itself as one of the more popular surfing beaches in the region, something which has created a very active surfing tuition industry in the resort. Situated at the mouth of a valley the long smooth beaches offer vigorous waves when the tide is in and more subdued wave patterns when the tide is out. This distinct mix is one of the main reasons why surfing has grown so popular in Woolacombe.