Surfing beaches in Scotland

a list of the best surf beaches in Scotland

Aberdeen, Scotland

Aberdeen is Scotland's third largest city and one which has historically depended heavily on the oil and fishing industries. Situated on the North East coast of Scotland the City offers access to the freezing cold North Sea but is an area which has attracted a significant amount of surfing interest. While perhaps not for the novice, Aberdeen offers something of a unique if not chilly experience for those surfers looking for some thing a little different.

Fraserburgh, Scotland

While to many people Fraserburgh is famous for its somewhat unique local dialect, it also offers a very unique and varied experience for those interested in surfing. Situated on the North East tip of Scotland, Fraserburgh is a very open and exposed area of the UK, perfect for those more daring surfers looking for a challenge. The area has a number of beautiful beaches but be warned, it is not the hottest area of the UK!

Thurso, Scotland

Situated on the northern tip of Scotland, Thurso continues to attract not only a great number of surfers, but it is also playing host to some of the more prestigious surfing contests of the UK and Europe. The powerful breaks have been compared to those found in Hawaii, even if there is a little difference in the weather! Thurso has hosted the European Surfing Championships and Scottish Surf Kayaking which demonstrates perfectly what the area has to offer to the worldwide surfing sector.

Tiree, Scotland

For those in search of a break and surfing experience like no other, the Scottish Inner Hebrides island of Tiree may be just what you are looking for. Tiree may only have a population of some 800 people, be located in one of the more sparse areas of the UK, but it offers a number of coves and bays which surfers will find both challenging and enjoyable.