Surfing beaches in Wales

a list of the best surf beaches in Wales

The Mumbles, Wales

While the welsh area known as The Mumbles (made up of Mayals, Newton, Oystermouth and West Cross) may not be first on the list for UK surfing venues it is proving very popular with the surfing community. Larger than some of the coastal surfing areas of the South coast, The Mumbles has a population of over 4,000.

Rhossili, Wales

Situated on the southwestern tip of the Gower peninsula, Rhossili is another welsh area of natural beauty which has become popular with the UK surfing community. There are a number of interesting bays which offer different challenges and different experiences for surfers, from beginners to more experienced.

Llangennith, Wales

As with the vast majority of welsh surfing venues, Llangennith is situated in the south of Wales, with the beaches open to the tides from the Atlantic Ocean. While perhaps not as popular as the leading Cornish venues, Llangennith has attracted a great deal of interest from surfers in the region and from around the UK.

Llangrannog, Wales

Llangrannog is an area of Wales which has a population of just 700 but a growing tourist industry, with the surfing community a vital element of this sector. The village is literally on the sea front which offers easy access to the waves for the surfing community.

Llantwit Major, Wales

While Llantwit Major may not be the largest town in Wales it has a sizeable population of over 13,000 and a heavy emphasis on sport. As you might expect rugby and football are popular pastimes in the area, but the beaches have also brought in a notable number of surfers with access to the often choppy waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

St Davids, Wales

Situated on the far south west tip of Wales, St Davids has a thriving surfing community even though the city is small in size (it is the smallest city in the UK with around 2,000 inhabitants). The city is the actual birth place of St David and as such attracts a fair amount of attention from tourist and surfers alike.

Freshwater West, Wales

Freshwater West is also situated on the far south west tip of the welsh coast line, offering access to the choppy seas of the Atlantic Ocean. However, the area is not for inexperienced surfers with dangerous waves, quick sand and fast changing weather conditions adding to the mix. Perhaps one for the brave?

Southerndown, Wales

Southerndown is situated on the East coast of Wales and offers unprotected access to the Atlantic Ocean, something which has attracted the attention of the surfing world. While the Atlantic Ocean offers enough surf, the experience is enhanced by the warm Gulf Stream which makes for an exciting and varied surfing environment. The main beach in the area is Dunraven Bay.

Newgale, Wales

Situated in Pembrokeshire, Newgale is a small village which has become fairly popular with an array of tourists, canoeists, windsurfers and surfers. There are many facilities for those looking for a break in the region and the waves are especially good for surfing beginners with even the strongest waves tending to back off fairly quickly.