your guide to surfing equipment - wetsuits.

Made from neoprene, the wetsuit (referred to as the Wettie by those in the surfing industry) is a vital part of the modern day surfer's arsenal (unless you are lucky enough to be surfing in the warmer waters around the world!) and comes in a variety of styles. The basic options include shorties, this is not a full wetsuit and has short arms and legs, the full suit, which covers the whole of your body and various detachable wetsuits which allow you to change from a shortie into a full wetsuit.

It depends where you are surfing as to the thickness of the neoprene required, but surfing wetsuits generally range from 2mm to 6mm thick neoprene. However, if you are lucky enough to be surfing in the warm weather and warm seas, then the infamous boardshorts may be an option, similar to those in the Australian surfing programs. Those who follow surfing will know that boardshorts have become as much a fashion item as a necessity!

While the surfboard and the surfing wetsuit / boardshorts are the main pieces of equipment required, there are also a number of other items which you will need to look at before you start surfing. These include :-