Surfing history

a breif history of uk surfing.

To those outside of the surfing world the UK may not be one of the main surfing countries which spring to mind, but the sport has literally taken off in the UK over the last forty years. This is reflected by the tens of thousands of surfers who are members of the British Surfing Association, a group which was set-up back in 1966 to promote surfing in the UK.

However, surfing itself goes back to the ancient Polynesian times when the chief was the best surfer in the land, affording themselves the best board from the best tree. In 1767 it was the crew of the Dolphin at Tahiti that was the first Europeans to come across surfing and the sport was mentioned in Captain James Cook's diaries in 1779 on his death.

Surfing created something of a class culture even back in ancient times and while surfing has changed, the history is there for all to see.